Safety Tips

1.    How can I register on com?

Ans.- registering on is a single step process. To create your profile and become a member.  You have to do is fill a simple registration form.

2.    How can I upload my Image ?

Ans.-  You have the option of uploading your Images on my profile page. You can upload maximum of 5 Images.

3.    How do I update my profile?

Ans.-  At any time, you can update your profile at by clicking edit  my profile button. To edit your profile you have to enter all the details once again except in the text fields like description, about family and about myself.

4.    What is preferred partner profile? Why is it important?

Ans.-  Preferred Partner Profile essentially includes details that you would like to have in your preferred partner. This helps you to find your life partner and other member can also understand that what kind of partner you are looking for her/his.

5.    How do I change my password

Ans.– after logging into your account, lick on the change password link. The system will ask for your old password and then the new one then login with your new password.

6.    What are the benefits of a FREE membership?

Ans.– registration on is FREE!! For absolutely no cost you can register and create your matrimonial profile. Your matrimonial profile will be visible to millions of members eligible for matrimony. Some of the benefits you get are:

I           you can post you personal profile on

II          you can add more information about yourself and your family

III         you can even upload/add multiple images to your profile

iV         you can create a partner profile both the kind of person you are looking for

V          You can display your contact details to paid members

VI         you can express interest in other members for FREE

VII        you can respond to members who express interest in you.

7.    What is the meaning of paid membership?

Ans.– A paid membership have various packages and options to help you access advanced features of  A paid membership helps you find an ideal matrimony partner quickly and easily.

8.    What are the advantages of becoming a paid member?

Ans.– Besides all the privileges available to
Free members, paid Matrimonial Members get top services and benefits that are not available to members who choose a free membership.

A)   Paid members can view validated contact details of other members.

B)   Paid matrimonial members can express interest and write messages to other members of matrimonial.

9.    What is Personalized messaging ?

Ans.– You can communicate with all members who have accepted you irrespective of whether they are paid Members or not

10.  Is my personal information safe?

Ans.- we provide complete anonymity, no one will ever find out who you are, email is sent to other users in anonymous mode on your behalf, for further safety premier members can black list other members and avoid them in future. As per our policy we do not share your personal data with anyone.

11.  How do I send messages to other members?

Ans.- Only Paid members can send direct messages to other members. Once a message is sent, the other member gets an instant notification via e-mail that you send him/her a message. Free members cannot send any messages, but they can receive messages and reply to message

12.  If someone shows interest in me do I get notification?

Ans.- Yes, if someone clicks on show interest in your profile, you get an e-mail informing you that so-and-so has shown interest in you.


Thanking you